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r/PERU - Lucky black llamas?

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  • r/PERU - Lucky black llamas?

    Hi r/Peru!
    Sorry, my reading/writing in Spanish is not good enough to ask this question :-(
    I once met a Peruvian man and asked him for stories local from his area. He told me a story about how black llamas (and I think other black animals) were considered lucky, because the black animals would jump into the river to help you if you needed it, while white animals wouldn’t. This conversation was in Spanish, so I may have not understood it properly, but now I cannot find anything about this story. (Again, perhaps because it is in Spanish)
    Could someone please tell me of this story - I would like to use it as a reference for some art I am helping a friend with. And could someone also tell me if this story is from a specific region?
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    What i dont understand j k j k i


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