Hola Amigos!
I am looking for some help in what I thought would be non-issue in today's highly connected world, but I've been proven otherwise...
My parents love travelling, and they love coffee, and unsurprisingly they love bringing coffee back from their travels too. A couple of years ago they've travelled through South America, and brought back with them some coffee that they believe to be the best they've ever had.
Well now they're stuck in a semi-lockdown in their home in New Zealand, and there's no travelling to be had, and no fancy international coffee either.
So I wanted to surprise them with some of their favourite coffee, I googled the name, and found the owner of the company, got in touch with him, and through very broken Spanish (thanks google translate!) I tried getting him to sell me some and send it to NZ, only to be told he doesn't ship outside of Peru.
So I'm looking for someone who'll be willing and able to order the coffee to their address, and then ship it straight out to New Zealand. I will of course cover the cost and would be more than happy to offer compensation for the time and hassle.
So what do you say r/Peru? Any takers?
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